Twitterrific’s Tough Love

May 20th, 2010

Iconfactory’s Gedeon Maheux on how Twitterrific for iPhone lost its focus:

Somewhere during Twitterrific’s evolution from the desktop to the iPhone, we forgot how to say no. We said yes to too many of the latest features, 3rd party services and user requests. Eventually this “leap before you look” approach increased the complexity of the user interface and made the app’s settings too confusing for even us to figure out. A growing chorus of users told us the app was too hard to understand. We had lost our way.

Twitterrific for iPad, on the other hand, went back to basics and is a fabulous Twitter application. They decided, feature by feature, whether it was really necessary. They are going to do the same for Twitterific for iPhone. If it’s as good as the iPad version, I may switch back to Twitterrific.