That’s Not a Conversation

July 29th, 2009

The Voice Central developer talked with Apple about his application being removed. Here is the transcript.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

There are no questions being answered — just a series of “I can’t answer that,” or “I can’t help you with that” stock replies.

Apple, look. I know that AT&T is most likely the one to blame here. But it doesn’t matter. You are putting the iPhone’s most important asset, its third party developers, in a shitty position: they can put months of day and night-work into an application, and end up with it being pulled from the App Store without so much as a real explanation.

This is ridiculous. You need to set out what is and isn’t allowed, and follow that. And you need to be responsive to developers — they are not your little play toys to jerk around.

You need to fix this, and fix it fast. Or developers like Craig Hockenberry and Fraser Speirs might decide it isn’t worth their full effort any more.